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Blogity-blah-blah-blog: December 2012

Monday, December 10, 2012

Love, Marriage, Kids, etc.: Part Two

Read part one here if you haven't already.

In this post I want to talk about how I proposed to April. It was in November of 2009. One night I told her we should go to the Bullfrog Brewery for dinner (It's where we had our first date). I knew I had to do something creative, and that's when a horror movie gave me a great idea on how to propose.

Oops, sorry, that's the Spanish version

So, I decided to take the DVD out of the box and put the engagement ring in it's place. Clever, huh? The only problem was the tag line at the top "BEFORE YOU DIE, YOU SEE...". It was a little unsettling. So I came up with the idea to replace "DIE" with "SAY YES". So it read "BEFORE YOU SAY YES, YOU SEE.." and then of course followed by "THE RING". So I put the ring in the case and wrapped it in some wrapping paper. 

Part way through dinner I told April I left something in the car so I ran out to get it. I didn't know it at the time but she had a strong feeling I was going to propose to her that night. So when I came walking back in with a wrapped gift that looked nothing like the size of a ring box she was probably confused. I gave it to her and she unwrapped it. "It's" she said. I said "Yea, it's really good, have you seen it?" ""

Then she noticed the tag line at the top and she read it out loud, "BEFORE YOU...SAY YES???, YOU SEE THE RING?" Then she opened the box and there it was! I made sure to get down on one knee and ask her to marry me. Then her phone rang and a voice said "Seven days." and hung up. Ok, that last sentence wasn't true.

So that's the story of how I proposed. And if you're wondering, I got the ring at Petro's in Williamsport, PA. I highly recommend going there for your engagement, wedding, jewelry, etc. needs. How's that for some free advertising, Petro's? You're welcome!

Next time I do this series I'll talk about our one year anniversary since April and I met, it'll be a fun one.