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Friday, January 22, 2010

Bored Panda

Today I would like to share a website I found called Bored Panda-the Only Magazine for Pandas. It is a treasure chest of random visual oddities, I think that's how it can be best described. I'll share just a few images along with links to the articles that go with each image. I found this site through of course. I'll share five interesting things I found at this site and I'll leave the rest of the exploring up to you.

1) Here are some images from an article called "Top 33 World's Strangest Buildings"

The Kansas City Library, Missouri.
Apparently they carry books with large print.

Rotating Tower, Dubai.
It would be great to live in an apartment where you can say, "Honey, the sun is glaring on the TV, could you turn the room about 90ยบ?"

The Basket Building, Ohio
I'm assuming it's a mental institution.

2) "One Sheet of Paper"-Here are some works of art made from one sheet of paper (just in case you couldn't figure that out from the title of the article).

Impenetrable Castle
I don't know about that, last time I checked, scissors beat paper.

Look at that detail!

White Hand.
Oh no, that skeletal hand is attacking a turkey!

Down the River.

"Do you hear that sound? Why is the current getting faster?"

Holding onto Myself.
Nice title.

3) When God Runs Out of Paint: 26 Albino Animals

"I am not a lab rat!"

"Corn always makes me sneeze."

"Wanna see my impression of a water sprinkler?"

4) Top 40+ Creative Ads Made to Stop You Smoking

Sorry, no funny comments for these ones. There really isn't anything funny to say about these. (Click the one above to see it larger if you can't read the label.)

5) 25 Incredible Photos Made without Photoshop

Are you sure that water is clean?

We have lift off.

She's an awfully mean big sister.

Hope you enjoyed these images, head on over to Bored Panda to see more!

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