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Blogity-blah-blah-blog: Flesh Eating Film Reels

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Flesh Eating Film Reels

I wanted to share another short film today called Flesh Eating Film Reels. I remember watching this on HBO when I was little. I remember enjoying it but at the same time it was kind of scary. I think it was the way the filmstrip is animated. It still kind of freaks me out to this day. But I haven't seen this probably since I was 5 or 6 and I just happened upon it on YouTube the other day. Enjoy!

And here's a little more nostalgia for you if you remember watching HBO in the early 80's:

Brings back memories.


  1. I remember that short film well, as It had scared me as a little kid. Although there were a few things about that short film you probably didn't know. If you remember a scene where Mr. Aaines attempts to escape the videotapes by going down the stairs, however the tapes stretch across the stairway to block his exit. Notice the large 2 reel audio tape player against the wall, which wasn't there before. That player was used for the sounds of the tape during that scene.
    And in the scene where the videotape pile against the closed door at the end of the hallway. Notice the two shadows on each end of the sides of the entranceway of the hall, which were S.S. Wilson and some other guy checking and looking the scene out to make sure it's being filmed right, and the nail sticking out of the left wall was actually a marker to where the camera was supposed to be positioned to film the scene. And Believe it or not, S.S. Wilson had made a good ending to that movie but never showed it on cable, as basically Mr. Aaines manages to outsmart the tape and manages to kill it off once and for all with the magnet and scissors.
    Now here's something interesting as I remember 2 similar short movies just like this one had aired on cable as well. The only difference is that the next victim was named Robbin Foster. Either her was a clumsy repairman called to repair a videotape machine, or he was in some studio editing videotape. Another similar short black and white short film similar to this was shown as well. All I remember was that a limo driver drove his passenger to a house, and told him to wait here as he needs to go inside to speak to someone and he'll be right out. After a while, the passenger went inside to check on his limo driver, but he then walks into a room to find his limo driver's clothes piled neatly onto a chair. The reason comes clear to the passenger as to what happened to his limo driver as two reels of videotape comes to live, and gobbles the passenger up
    As a result of this. S.S. Wilson had sued the film company, which might've been Canadian, who ripped off his original copyrighted movie short Recorded Live and won the case. I've manage to email the film company and asked about it, and they replied "Yes we did, Yes he did, don't ask us again." This is what happens when film companies try and cash in on someone's successful film works.

  2. I got some interesting info on this short film. This film is currently owned by the film school at the University Of Southern California, where S.S. Wilson had originally made that film. USC has all the rights to anything the students make. S.S. Wilson got permission from USC to include his short film on the Tremors 4 DVD as an extra. Back in the day, this movie scarred a lot of kids, including myself, when this aired on HBO Short Takes during the 70's-80's.