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Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I'm going to finish up the Work, Work, Work posts by posting them from here on out until I'm caught up to my current job. But for this post I'm going to talk about how I worked for Frito-Lay. This was another part-time job I took on while working full-time. I did this job and worked for Billtown Cab at the same time. 

I worked for Frito-Lay for a short time so this won't be a very long post. I worked as a Detailer which means I went to various stores to stock the shelves with whatever Frito-Lay products were needed on the shelves. I could only work with what was available in the back of the stores. I only worked two nights a week, it was the nights the delivery driver had off. 

The hours were weird with this job too, but that's the schedule I was already on. The job didn't really have any set hours, just as long as I got the job done before the sun came up basically. I would usually start around 8pm. I had to stock three different stores. Two Weis Markets and a Sam's Club. Sam's Club usually took a long time. It usually took me around 6 to 8 hours to do all three stores.

My boss kept trying to add more stores, even ones that were almost an hour away from some of the other ones I delivered to. I told her I couldn't because I already work 50 to 60 hours a week just with the cab driving job. I really wanted one of the delivery routes, it would have been a well paying job. The hours still would have been weird though. Also, since I was using my own car to go from store to store, I kept track of my mileage because they paid for mileage. Well, at least they said they would. I never got a single mileage check from them. They said there was a glitch when I logged my miles into the computer and couldn't prove how many miles I drove. A likely story. Eventually a route position became available and I went for it but they didn't give it to me. 

So, I was pretty much done with this stupid company. I was offered a job somewhere else so I quit working for Billtown Cab and Frito-Lay. Good riddance! 

There isn't really much else to say about working for Frito-Lay other than what I've just said. It was very uneventful and I have no interesting stories to tell like I did with some of my other jobs. So this post is just kind of a filler. Stay tuned for the next one, it should be better, maybe not by much, but better nonetheless.

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