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Blogity-blah-blah-blog: Jabba did What?!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Jabba did What?!

The other day I remembered something funny that happened years ago when Star Wars Episode I came out back in 1999. I went to see it with my friend Nathan. After the movie was over he told me he thought it was funny when Jabba the Hutt flipped a creature off. I told him I didn't remember seeing that part and I argued that George Lucas would not have put something as inappropriate as that in a Star Wars film since they are family-friendly films for the most part. But Nathan insisted that there was a scene where Jabba flipped a creature off and he didn't understand why I thought it was inappropriate. Well, when the film came out on DVD I went out and bought it. To my surprise there definitely is a scene where Jabba flips off a creature. Check out the video below and if you don't want to watch the whole thing click on the 3:40 mark to see Jabba flip off a creature.

So yea, Jabba did flip the creature off, but it's not what I thought. I apologized to Nathan for misunderstanding what he said but he totally forgot we ever had the conversation.

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