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Blogity-blah-blah-blog: Love, Kids, Marriage, etc.: Part 3

Monday, May 27, 2013

Love, Kids, Marriage, etc.: Part 3

If you havent read part 1 or 2 yet:

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Ok, now that you're all caught up I'm going to share what I did for our one year anniversary. No, I didn't skip the wedding, I'm talking about the one year anniversary of our first date, of course. I got a little creative with this one...OK, I got a LOT creative with this one. (Sorry for the poor grammar) This is similar to what I did with the flowers in my first post, except instead of searching for flowers in random places, I gave clues on how to find gifts as well as other clues. The first thing I did was tape a DVD to the front door with a note saying:

Watch Me.

and here's what was on the DVD:

Next, April went to the refrigerator and found a wine bottle with this note attached to it:

Stop your whining and enjoy this bottle of wine, but first, go into the dining room and look under the table. You will see another envelope with a note inside attached underneath the table. Do what it says. 

In the note found under the table was a picture explaining how to use my camera to get the next clue:

(Click on the pic to get a bigger view)

When April turned on my camera and looked at the picture, this is the message she found on the screen:

Time for some adventure! Go look in the Indiana Jones box on Dan's DVD shelf.

When April checked the box that my Indiana Jones movies were in, she found a pair of earrings and the next clue:

Just like Indiana Jones, you found the treasure, but your adventure is not over.
Open up Dan's laptop.

On my laptop was this message:

Push Play

This is the video she saw:

So when April looked in Gabe's fish tank drawer, she found the next clue:

Look inside the wooden chest in the office.

Inside the wooden chest in the office was one of my severed fingers....ha, ha, just kidding. I wanted to see if you were still paying attention. What April really found was a CD with a note on it that said:

Listen to me.

When she popped it in the CD player, this is what she heard:

When April went into the bathroom and opened the shower curtain, I was standing in there with a dozen red roses. It was interesting standing in the bathtub the entire time and listening to her go throughout the house finding all the clues. What was really funny was she almost decided not to watch the DVD that was taped to the front door. She almost decided to take a shower before watching it. That would have really been awkward if she found me standing in the bathtub holding a dozen roses with absolutely no context of why I was in there. So I'm glad she decided to watch the DVD first. This was probably the most fun I've had in surprising her and I don't know if I'll ever top it, but maybe it's about time I try. Stay tuned for the next installment of "Love, Marriage, Kids, etc..."

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