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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Valley Mosaic Podcast

Podcasts. I've been listening to them for the past five years. It's a great way to pass the time when you're working, doing chores, or driving in the car. I did a podcast once with my friends Jesse and Natalie. It never made it on iTunes. After recording the podcast I found out that there was more to podcasting than I thought. So I guess this is the best way I can share this podcast which we recorded about 4 years ago. I've broken the podcast up into 5 to 6 minute intervals. Some are longer than that, some are shorter. We basically describe what Valley Mosaic is about, we have an interview with a local artist named Jeremiah Johnson and talk about chippies. You'll have to listen to find out what chippies are. But I hope you enjoy it, here it is.

Valley Mosaic Podcast Part 1

Valley Mosaic Podcast Part 2

Valley Mosaic Podcast Part 3

Valley Mosaic Podcast Part 4

Valley Mosaic Podcast Part 5

Valley Mosaic Podcast Part 6

Valley Mosaic Podcast Part 7

Valley Mosaic Podcast Part 8

These last two audio clips are a couple bonus clips that didn't make it into the final cut of the podcast. The first one is a blooper and I need to explain something before you listen to it. Before we recorded the podcast we were talking about XXXchurch. XXXchurch is a ministry committed to helping those with porn addictions as well as helping those who feel trapped get out of the porn industry and they do so in a loving and compassionate way, not in a hate-mongering way. Anyway, I was talking to Jesse and Natalie about a show that had Ron Jeramy (a well known person in the porn industry) as a guest on the show. So with that being said, listen to the clip. The second clip is an outro that was supposed to end the show.



Jesse is currently doing a podcast with Matt Barlow called Unfolded. They've partnered with the Homebrewed Christianity Podcast Network to bring this podcast to life, and it is definitely one to listen to. The podcast contains stories and as Matt says "...the podcast that attempts to find great meaning, without necessarily committing the error of defining it." You can find it here or search iTunes with the keyword "Unfolded". Believe me when I say it's much better than the one you just listened to.

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