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Blogity-blah-blah-blog: Freakin' Funny Friday ~ Big Old Box of Crap

Friday, July 17, 2009

Freakin' Funny Friday ~ Big Old Box of Crap

Last week we looked at some weird things people do to their pets. Today we'll be looking at strange and unusual products of all kinds, including some pet products. I found some of these over at Incredible Things. They also have a bunch of cool innovative products as well, but today we are focusing on the weird and bizarre. Let's start off with some baby products.

How many people think "Hmmm...I wish someone would invent something to hold my baby in place that look like hands severed halfway up the forearm." This is called the Zaky Infant Pillow and is supposed to help babies sleep better, but I'm not so sure they thought it through.

Sure, it frees up your hands while you use the restroom, but what happens when you walk out and a few moments you think to yourself "I feel like I'm missing something." Better yet, what about the person who walks into the stall and sees the temporarily forgotten baby hanging there on the wall?

Have you ever siphoned gasoline out of a gas tank before? Me neither, but this is kind of what it looks like except instead of a gas tank at the other end it's a baby's nostril. Now they say that the mucus is stopped before it gets to the mouth, but still, you still won't see me using one of these, ugh (shudder).

Yes, I did a double-take when I saw this one too. It's a baby bottom fan to keep your baby's bottom nice and dry. Or you could just do this...

Ah, yes, Mr. Mom, starring Michael Keaton. One of the great movies of the early 80's and one of the first movies I remember seeing as a child. Go out and rent it if you haven't seen it.

Use this in conjunction with the Zaky Infant Pillow and you'll have your infant traumatized in no time!

What is that? Is it one of those chest-bursting aliens? No! Is it some kind of Siamese twin or some kind of mutant? No! It's called the Peekaru. It's a fleece that zips over your baby carrier. I still think it looks like something from a Sci-Fi movie though.

Now we'll move on to a couple of pet products.

This is the FroliCat BOLT Laser Cat Toy. Do you want to watch your cat chase a laser but don't want to sprain your wrist? This is the perfect product for those of you who are just too lazy or don't have enough time on your hands to spend some quality time with your cat so you leave it cooped up in the apartment all day by itself with no one to stoke it's fur or rub its belly.

Then we have the Remote Pet Feeding & Viewing Kit. I think there was something like this on the show The Office that Angela had to watch her cats via the internet. In addition to feeding your dog or cat while on vacation you can make sure they are using their FroliCat BOLT Laser Cat Toy as well.

We'll finish with some random products.

Wanna look good and feel really uncomfortable on the beach? Now you can!

Are you lazy? Do you like ice cream? Then try the Motorized Ice Cream Cone. No more tiring your wrist with an unmotorized ice cream cone. Just don't try to eat it when you've finished your ice cream.

One time I was wondering where Zinc was on the Periodical Table of Elements but I was in the shower at the time. Thanks to this shower curtain I no longer have to wait until I'm out of the shower to find out where all the elements are. Girl not included. In fact, if you own this just forget about girls entirely.

Yet another novelty for the bathroom, personalized TP. I personally like the one that says "Lost in Hell's Canyon" Get it? Okay, enough bathroom humor, let's move on.

This is a horror movie scene just waiting to happen. Yes, those are syringes made into a chandelier, and you can buy the scalpel mobile for the little ones. Just kidding that last one doesn't exist.

Why is there fur in my Wookie Cookie? These books also include recipes for Jawa Jerky, Ackbar's Snackbars, Vader's Taters, Potato Wedge Antilles, and Salacious Crumb Cake made with real Lando Lakes butter. There's even a section on jarring with Jar Jar. I could keep on going, but I'm gonna stop there. That's enough nerd-ness for now. 

They have new car smell in a can and pine tree smell in a can for Christmas trees. Now there's New Book Smell for your electronic reading devices. Mmmmm, new book smell. 

Hey, Snoop Dogg from 1993 called, he wants his doormat back.

Hey look, a hose with a plug. Let's mix water and electricity, yay!

This lock comes in handy when you have guests over who want to leave but you want them to stay. It doesn't come in handy when you're on the phone with the police and they say "The calls are coming from inside the house."

That's all for this week, enjoy your weekend and be sure to come back next week!

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