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Friday, July 10, 2009

*Random Post*

Yesterday while I was working on the artwork for the Deep Thought Thursday post I came to realize that you can see no more than three sides of a six-sided box at a time no matter what angle you look at it (Yes, I know you can see more than three sides if you use a mirror Mr./Mrs. Smarty-pants). Anyway, another deep thought came to me. To see the other three sides of the box you have to turn it around and upside down. That is how we have to think to really see God's kingdom. We need to take our thinking and turn it around and upside down.

I heard once of a physically blind man who said it wasn't until he went blind that he could truly see.

There are people in jail who have found Jesus and turned their lives around. Even though they are still locked behind bars they proclaim they have never felt so free.

If you haven't done it yet, go back to this past Wednesday's post and listen to the song by Jars of Clay, it's a good look at how God's kingdom works.

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