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Blogity-blah-blah-blog: Justice Has Been Served! So Why Don't I Feel Good?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Justice Has Been Served! So Why Don't I Feel Good?

The other night I was on my way to my mom's house. She was throwing a Tastefully Simple party. She had invited my fiancée to the party and I was going there to watch her four year old son during the party. We played air hockey and pool in the basement.

So on the way to the party I was driving behind a state trooper and there was a car in front of him. The state trooper had turned off into a church parking lot so then I was behind the other car. We came to a stop sign and opposite us a school bus had stopped. Its lights started flashing and the little stop sign on the bus extended out. The person in front of me decided to go and pass the bus. I knew better so I stayed put. Next thing you know I see in my side view mirror another car come passing by me and I wondered why someone else was passing me to get by the bus, then I realized it was the state trooper when he turned his lights on.

I remember thinking to myself, "Yes, this is awesome! Justice is being served!" Seriously though, how many times have you been driving, seen someone else driving like an idiot and you think to yourself where the cops are when there is a great injustice being done?

So I arrived at the party and I said, "I just saw something awesome!" Then my mom said, "Is it about my friend who is on her way here and just got pulled over by a cop?" Oh crap. All of a sudden I felt bad about feeling good that someone just got pulled over. Sure, what she did was wrong, but why should it make me feel good? Why do we as humans point the finger and laugh when other people mess up and act like we're all perfect because we don't do stuff like that? Too many times we use others as a measuring stick so we can use excuses such as "At least I'm not like that person".

Fortunately, my mom's friend was let go with a warning when she probably could have lost her license. She couldn't tell it was a school bus at first because it was dark out and it was much later than the time school buses are usually dropping off students, it was around 6pm. And I'll be honest, I didn't know right away that it was a school bus at first either. If I had been in front, I may have gone. I've been pulled over for driving like an idiot too. Why should I point the finger? We often step on people to lift ourselves up and try to look better than everyone else by pointing out their faults. I know that sometimes I need to stop being so self-centered and stop using the misfortunes of others to build myself up. I am a broken and fallen person and I'm okay with that, just as long as I always get up and pull myself together after every break and fall.

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