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Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Mouth Brow

After finally finishing the Work, Work, Work Edition on this blog I feel it's time to do something pointless but fun. Sometimes I like to type random words into Google's image search and see what it comes up with. Even when I'm doing some serious research and I need to find images, some of the craziest things come up. So I thought I would type in the words "Handlebar Mustache" and see what I came up with. I have chosen the ten best images that have come up. Not all the images that came up were necessarily handlebar mustaches, but I picked them just for being awesome or ridiculous. So here we go:

We'll start of with this picture of Rollie Fingers. (is that his real name?)

Wow! To bad he doesn't have a beard, he'd definitely quality for having one of the best gingerbeards.

How could the ladies resist? Well...pretty easily I'm sure.

Can't forget about the Hulkster? What'cha gonna do, brother?!

You should see how he hog ties a baby calf!

I think he stole those from a ram and glued them to his face.

I think he just swallowed an elf. The poor thing's feet are still hanging out of his mouth.

This guy is like the Pippi Longstockings of mustaches.

More like a crowbar mustache! And check out the sweater that guy is wearing under his coat.

I don't know if this counts, but that is one smug looking emperor tamarin.

So those were my top ten choices, but I don't want to end this post without a tribute to the mustache Salvador Dali.

So there you have it. And just one more thing. The video below just goes to show that having a mustache isn't always all fun and games. Sometimes mustaches make life hard.


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