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Blogity-blah-blah-blog: Inspiring Minds Monday ~ charity: water

Monday, June 8, 2009

Inspiring Minds Monday ~ charity: water

The "I Hate Mondays!" posts are no more. I decided to change it because I'm not a hateful person and I only have so much to rant and rave about. The things I hate most are ignorance and selfishness and I think I covered that in last Monday's post. That was the pinnacle of the "I Hate Mondays!" posts and it was a good place to retire it. So now, instead of starting the week off talking about such negative things, I will be talking about people and organizations who inspire minds through their thoughts and their actions. The first one we'll start off with is called "charity: water".

Last night I attended Valley Mosaic. We meet weekly and sometimes discuss different issues in the local community and around the world and keep Jesus Christ as our main focus when tackling these issues. We watched a DVD about an organization called charity: water and it was very eye-opening. The DVD showed how so many people in Africa walk for over three hours everyday just to get water that could cause them to become infected with disease and other illnesses. Unfortunately it's the only water available to them.

One in six people on the planet don't have
access to clean, safe drinking water.

Scott Harrison is the founder of charity: water. Scott's story starts like this:

In 2004, I left the streets of New York City for the shores of West Africa. I'd made my living for years in the big Apple promoting top nightclubs and fashion events, for the most part living selfishly and arrogantly. Desperately unhappy, I needed to change. Faced with spiritual bankruptcy, I wanted desperately to revive a lost Christian faith with action and asked the question: What would the opposite of my life look like?

Read the rest of Scott's story here.

On June 27th, Williamsport, PA will host it's annual Music Festival called Absorb in Brandon Park. Learn more about it from my friend Natalie on her blog. Valley Mosaic will have a space set up with information about charity: water. We are going to keep the booth as green as possible. We will be raising money to build a well in Africa by selling reusable water containers. 100% the proceeds will go to charity: water. We aren't sure what kind of containers we will be selling yet. Either stainless steel or aluminum, but one of our Valley Mosaic attendees told us that if we go with aluminum it will have to be coated so it doesn't "smell like a boy scout canteen by the third use" as he put it. So if you live in or near the area come on out and see what we have going on. Heck, even if you live far away, hop on a plane and get your patootie out here!

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