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Blogity-blah-blah-blog: June 2009 Wrap-up

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 2009 Wrap-up

Here is an overview of June's posts:

6.1.09 - 6.5.09

IHM! ~ Honk for Peace!: A post about protesters.

STT ~ The Breakdown: A story about my car breaking down on I-80.

AFW ~ Mufreesboro: A look at the band Cool Hand Luke

DTT ~ Mind Boggling: Fate vs. Free Will or Fate + Free Will?

FFF ~ CCE: Jesus Junk: A look at the junk that's made just to make a buck off God.

6.7.09 - 6.12.09

IMM ~ charity: water: The introduction of Inspiring Minds Monday, we start with a look at the charity organization called charity: water.

STT ~ A Collection of Shorts: Shorts stories that happened during different periods of my life.

AFW ~ Hello Dalí: A look at surrealist painter, Salvador Dalí.

DTT ~ Just Be: Sometimes people try too hard to be something they're not.

FFF ~ CCE: Jesus Junk 2: Electric Boogaloo: The sequel to Jesus Junk from the previous Friday.

6.15.09 - 6.19.09

IMM ~ Spurlock: A brief look at some documentaries by Morgan Spurlock.

STT ~ WWWE: Ink, Paper, and Rubber Bands: The first of the Work, Work, Work, Edition. My first job, a paper route.

AFW ~ Ad it Up: A look at some creative ads.

DTT ~ Gimme, Gimme, Gimme: Selfishness, it's not a good thing.

FFF ~ Justice is More than Blind: Dumb laws, dumb laws, and more dumb laws.

6.22.09 - 6.26.09

IMM ~ Claiborne: A post about Shane Claiborne and the Simple Way

STT ~ WWWE: Softball Doughnuts: My second job, working in a bakery.

AFW ~ Caught in a Webb: The music and philosophy of Derek Webb.

DTT ~ Hidy Ho, Good Neighbor!: A look at what true community could be.

FFF ~ I'm Not Bad, I'm Just Designed That Way: Bad logos, horrible photoshopped images, and ironic ad placements.

6.29.09 - 6.30.09

IMM ~ Gumbel: A look at Nicky Gumbel, vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton, and what he has done with the Alpha course.

STT ~ WWWE: Playing with Knives: My third job as a cutlery salesman.

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